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Next Generation Global Health Forum - Barcelona 14-15 July 2017

Next Generation  Global Health  Forum 2017 Barcelona 14-15 July 2017 Are you studying medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy, biology, nursing, epidemiology, public health or something not related to health? Would you see yourself working internationally, in a multidisciplinary team trying to fix current global problems? Then, maybe this conference is something for you. Before deciding if you would like to study Global Health you could find out what are your career prospects after a Master in Global Health/International Health. Netherless to say if you are a current GH student this is something you should definitely not miss! conference/global-health- whats-next/

Successful Kick-off: 80 students selected, tickets being ordered, ready to go!

Last Monday 12 June we had 3 very successful Kick-off meetings of the Minor Global Health 2017. After a general introduction on the Minor Global Health, logistics, vaccinations etc., students had break-out sessions with last year's MHG2016 students to discuss do's and don'ts while abroad. Very inspiring ;) In the meantime, housing is being arranged, flights are being booked, vaccinations have started. So ready to go!