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Erasmus MC Minor Market - 3 March 2017

Erasmus MC Minor Market

The Erasmus MC Minor Market will be organized on Friday 3 March from 3.30-6.00 PM in our Education Center.

Dr. Joke Tulen, Erasmus MC Minor Coordinator will kick-off with a introductory lecture (3.30-4.00 PM) in lecture hall 1/2.

The Minor Market itself will start at 4.00PM in Erasmsu MC's Education Center.

And of course Minor Global Health will be there to show you where you can go in 2017. Former Minor Global Health students will be there to give you 1st hand information on the sites/countries you can go to.




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We are very excited to announce that we just added GHANA as a new destination for our Minor Global Health 2017.

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